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Check Engine Light on in Sacramento?

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When the light comes on, turn to AAMCO to check it out and get the repairs you may need to get back on the road! Our dedicated technicians have years of experience handling all makes and models and can work toward diagnosing the root cause of the potential issue. At AAMCO of Sacramento, our technicians are experts at using diagnostic tools to determine the reason your car, SUVS or truck’s check engine light is coming on. To schedule a free multi-point inspection, feel free to reach out to our service center today!

Some potential reasons your check engine light could be on, include:

  • Your oxygen sensor is in need of replacement
  • Your spark plugs or plug wires are in need of replacement
  • Your gas cap is has become dislodged, loose, or damaged
  • Your engine’s internal temperature is beginning to overheat
  • Your electronic system detects an issue with your air/fuel mix

Regardless as of why your check engine light is showing up, it is vital that you visit our service center as soon as possible. To get started, please reach out to one of our AAMCO certified technicians by calling (916) 422-3550!

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