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If you notice your AC unit is blowing hot air or can no longer produce cool air for an extended period of time, you should have one of our Sacramento automotive repair experts at examine your vehicle. Sometimes, vehicles simply run out of refrigerant or coolant, yet there could also be potential issues with the lines that connect to your AC unit as well. If one of your AC lines is impinged, this could not only cause issues with your cooling system, but may also cause further damage to your vehicle. To find out the root cause of your AC malfunction, it is in your best interest to bring your vehicle into our Sacramento service center for a free multi-point initial vehicle courtesy check!

During your initial vehicle courtesy check , we will:

  • Examine your steering components
  • Check the fluid levels within your vehicle
  • Check your air filters, shocks, and brakes
  • Ensure that your AC unit has refrigerant/coolant

If your air conditioning is malfunctioning, please reach out to our service center by calling (916) 422-3550!

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