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Engine Tune Up & Repairs in Sacramento

Keeping Your Car On The Road for Years to Come

Ensuring that your car is properly tuned and maintained is important to maintaining the life of your car. During routine maintenance appointments, you can expect that our technicians will check your oil, inspect your transmission fluid level, inspect your air filters, as well as examine your brake pads. Based on your vehicle’s manufacturer suggested maintenance schedule, your technician may also check your spark plugs, coolant, radiator hoses, and a variety of other central components that are important to protecting your vehicle.

At AAMCO of Sacramento, our trust our technicians to service your vehicle because:

  • They have experience working with all makes and models of vehicles
  • Our company has over five decades of experience providing reliable automotive services
  • All of our technicians have been specially trained to utilize the latest technology when servicing your vehicle

Keep your car running smooth for years to come by taking your car, truck or SUV to AAMCO Sacramento for regular maintenance and tune &ups as suggested in your car’s owner’s manual. To get started, please reach out to our service center by calling (916) 422-3550!

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